In Transit

 Anita Modok | In Transit 

Exhibition: 7th April 2014 – 19th April 2014.

IN TRANSIT features selected works from the body of work Transit Zones | Being There examining the symbiotic relationship between movement, stasis and the agency of terrestrial representation.

The relationship between the still frame, the moving image, time, motion and fleeting moments of transience are central to these photographic investigations.

Referencing Muybridge and Mulvey, these sequenced photographs, taken from moving vehicles in the Californian Desert, depict glimpses of panoramic vistas, while simultaneously representing the landscape as a series of stills from a road movie.

Here speed and motion interact with the final rendering and framing of the photographic image, creating a cinematic hallucination where we can observe the state of being present by physically containing speed. As motion obscures and reframes the landscape, transitory realities become parallel universal archetypes.

These observations of mobility, movement, populace, emptiness and the synthesis of time in transit, examine the transformation of place in ephemeral spaces, determining the aesthetic outcomes of the image. As day becomes night, movement, stasis and the peripatetic state converge presenting a cognitive shift of reality evoking subconscious realms and memories.

The works seen IN TRANSIT are part of a larger series of works photographed over four years in Mexico, Indonesia, India, Australia and the United States of America.